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[rue] Jeux Olympiques 2020

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  • Subject: [rue] Jeux Olympiques 2020
  • Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2013 00:00:52 +0200

Bonsoir à tous.

Pour ceux qui comprennent l'anglais (souvenez-vous qu'apprendre cette langue a été l'une des bonnes résolutions dans la dernière université buissonnière)
Voici une lettre de mon frère adressée au président du COI (Comité Olympique International).
Cela peut donner des bonnes idées dans ces temps de "crise"...
Xavier Juan-Torres i Montserrat

I am a Spanish citizen living in Switzerland. I would like to express my
complete and outright opposition to the candidacy of Madrid as 2020 Olympic

The reasons are simple and speak for themselves:

- Our political class in general, and the central government and the
government of Madrid in particular, is totally corrupt. A few
(construction and service companies, politicians, etc.) are going to
make huge profits at the expense of the people.

- Spain is in a social emergency. The unemployment rate is nearly 30%
(in the case of young people, almost 60%). The welfare state is being
destroyed due to high debt and deficit. If the Olympics are held in
Madrid, no doubt there will be more spending cuts in health,
education, social aid needy people, etc.

- In Spain, there are many families and children living in extreme
poverty. The Olympics should be held in places that can afford it.

For these and many other reasons, and as a humble citizen, I say loud
and clear:


Dr Antoni Juan-Torres
Médecin Service Médical Régional de l'Assurance Invalidité.
Section Genève
Rue des Gares 12 - Case postale 2096 - 1211 Genève 2

  • [rue] Jeux Olympiques 2020, x.montserrat, 08/09/2013

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